Current Affairs
8th October 2021

Special Category Status (SCS)

Special Category Status (SCS)“Recently Bihar Government has asserted that it has not dropped the demand for Special Category Status to Bihar”● Special category status is a classification given by the Centre to assist development of states that face geographical and socio-economic disadvantages.● This classification was done on the recommendations of the 5th Finance Commission in 1969. ●

7th October 2021

Salient Features of Society - Buddhism in Kerala

Kushinagar (Uttar Pradesh) - Nepal flight to boost Buddhist Circuit.Ancient keralites followed the Dravidian style of worship.In the Sangam age, Buddhism was prominent in the Chola, Chera and Pandya regions.Buddhism was prominent in our society from the 3rd century to 12th century AD.Evidences of Buddhism are seen in:Ashoka’s 2nd and 13th edictKarumadi Buddha statue - dated to 9th-12th centuryPa

6th October 2021


“Mumbai gets a new robotic knee replacement centre”Captain Arjun●The Railway Protection Force launched a Robot called “Captain Arjun”,which was launched to intensity screening and surveillance of all the railway stations.COBAS 6800● COBAS 6800 is India's first automated Covid-19 testing machine.● The machine is completely automated and performs high end RT-PCR tests.CORO-BOT● India

5th October 2021

Silent Valley National Park

“14 endangered amphibian species found in Kerala’s Silent Valley National park”●  It is the last remaining rain forest of Kerala, in Palakkad district.●  Silent Valley was declared as a National Park in 1984 and formally inaugurated in the year 1985.CLIMATEAverage minimum temperature varies from 8º to 14ºC. and average maximum temperature varies from 23ºto 29ºC . The hottest months

4th October 2021

The Revolt of 1857

“1857 revolt could have been nipped on the first day if police, farmers, and public had not joined, says historians”● The first expression of organised resistance against the British East India Company.● Started on 10th May when the Company’s Indian soldiers at Meerut rebelled. Delhi was the centre of the Revolt● Known by several names: Sepoy Mutiny, First war of Independence (V.D.Sava