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Foundation Civil Service Course

Civil- Service is more than an exam.

Bureaucrats are the architects of the nation and the UPSC Civil Service exam is designed to measure if a person is fit to be a bureaucrat who can lead the country. It is not just knowledge, but the overall character and skills of a person that is being tested.

Foundation Civil Service Course

Qualities required for a Civil Servantss

Critical Thinking
Time management
Wide Knowledge in a range of subjects
Leadership Skills & Teamwork
Clarity of Thought & Presentation
People Interaction & Social Skills

Why a Foundation is necessary?

The biggest mistake among aspirants is believing that all of the above can be achieved within a year of preparation. But, these are not skills which can be learnt just like that.

They require consistent effort and a lot of unlearning if one is not trained in the proper way from the early stages of personality development.


Civil Service Examination tests what you have learnt all your life, and that stresses the
need for a solid foundation.


The developmental years at school is the best time to develop these skills which gives a huge advantage in future

IAS success stories starting from school

Tina Dhabhi IAS
  • Number of attempts to clear the exam 01
  • Rank 01
Zafna Nazarudeen IAS
  • Number of attempts to clear the exam 01
  • Rank 45
S Sushree IPS
  • Number of attempts to clear the exam 01
  • Rank 45

Our Program

We intend to provide a comprehensive curriculum to provide a base for your child based on our research on the exam.

Art of learning- Learning through fun
Learning ‘how to learn’- Not what to learn
Child cognitive psychology- The science of how we think.

Program Structure

Course Details

To know more about the course, download the brochure here.

What if my child is not interested in Civil Service in future?

A question we often face is the efficacy of Civil Service Foundation for school going children, as they needn’t necessarily be interested in it later. This is where our approach differs from

The skills we teach the following in addition to simply the exam syllabus.

  • Inculcating reading habit
  • Critical thinking & analytical abilities
  • Making Notes
  • How to read the news
  • Interpersonal & Social Skills
  • Teamwork

These are not just the prerequisites for an aspirant, but skills which would come in handy for the child in any career path they choose.

It would not only boost their chances in Civil Services, but also would aid them in choosing other paths, if they so decide.

The future of your child rests on the actions of today.

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